Industrial Scrubbers for a Shining Business

Elktonps in Now Manufacturing boasts the highest quality line of industrial scrubbers available on the market today, you can get them here. Warehouse scrubbers are instrumental in the daily maintenance and care of your business, whether you are looking for an entire regiment of cleaning for the well-being of the factory, warehouse, or showroom, or you simply want clean parts or a shining floor. Industrial scrubbers are a wise business investment, providing years of daily service. User friendly and lightweight, our industrial scrubbers maintain a beautiful and appealing surface with little effort invested.

Warehouse Scrubbers Clean

A necessary addition to any industrial business, warehouse scrubbers employ powerful cleaning action to the surface being cleaned. A slippery or greasy floor is a hazard to employees, resulting in workplace accidents, and general health hazards. The use of a warehouse scrubber easily eliminates the hazardous floor conditions, restoring the floors to their original level of cleanliness, important in maintaining safe and effective flooring material for daily use in your manufacturing or warehouse facility. Whether you are cleaning a concrete floor, composite, linoleum, marble, hardwood or other surface material, scrubbers designed with industrial floors in mind are ideal, providing the shine and luster you want in an industrial floor without the time and money investment. Simple and effective, our line of equipment available on the market will meet any floor cleaning need.

Commercial Scrubbers

The use of a commercial scrubber from Elktonps in Now Manufacturing will deliver a high shine luster to the floor surface, cleaning hard-surface floors with vigor necessary to remove dirt and grime from floors. The high quality materials our commercial scrubbers are built with will endure the demands placed on a commercial scrubber, ensuring years of reliable cleaning. A full range of high performance floor cleaning machines are available for purchase, representing the utmost in quality, cost-saving incentives and durability found in high quality commercial floor scrubbing equipment.